How Do You Play Ultimate Motorcycles?

How Do You Play Ultimate Motorcycles?

Gamers can play “Ultimate Motorcycles” on arcade websites such as To play this game, however, players need a Web browser that supports the Unity Web Player, which does not include Google Chrome.

“Ultimate Motorcycles” is a Tron-like biking game. The goal is to get the highest score without running into user-created walls. As players ride the bike around the track, a wall appears behind them. Each piece of wall that they create gives them a higher score.

The strategy of this game comes from planning where to ride to maximize the amount of walls the players can create. They also have to plan out a strategy so that they can box in their opponent without boxing in themselves.

Players use a computer keyboard to control the motorcycle. The Z and X keys make the bike turn, and the space bar makes it jump. Players have no control over how fast the motorcycle moves. A well-timed jump with the space bar allows players to jump over their own walls or opponent walls.

Before the start of the match, players can choose the color of the motorcycle, which affects the color of the walls that they create. Players can also choose the speed of their jumps. At the very start of the game, they can choose to play Tournament or Quick Play mode.