How Do You Play "Type to Learn 3"?


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Students play “Type to Learn 3” using a computer keyboard to complete the typing lessons. To make the lessons more enjoyable, the learning program sends players on time-travel missions, making each lesson feel more like a game. Software for the program is available on sites such as Amazon.com.

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“Type to Learn 3” focuses on teaching students keyboarding skills while using animated pictures to make the process fun. The developers built the program around a proven keyboarding curriculum that helps kids learn and practice proper keyboarding skills.

Some of the information that “Type to Learn 3” teaches students include the proper keyboard home position, how to warm up their fingers before typing, and exercises that come with automatic reviews. Players see on-screen animated hands that provide them with a visual guide of how proper keyboarding should look. After each lesson, the student takes a test to prove that he has mastered the lesson.

“Type to Learn 3” offers 25 lessons that are broken up into different games to make the lessons more engaging. In "Typeline," for example, students use the shift and number keys to fix a broken time line. "Windshield Typers" is another game in which students have to type away the sands of time that land on the windshield of the time machine. This game focuses on encouraging left-to-right typing coordination.

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