How Do You Play Two Players on "San Andreas"?

Console versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas afford the player two forms of multiplayer options: Rampage and Free Roam. Free Roam is merely an icon encountered that allows two players to freely roam the map, but not complete missions. This is represented by a red orb with two player icons on it. They are found is various places around the map. The true multiplayer option, Rampage, is equally easy to enable. Rampage missions are timed and require the players to kill a certain amount of bystanders in a short amount of time. There are 5 Rampage missions to play through, adding variety to the minute multiplayer aspect of GTA: San Andreas.

  1. Find a Rampage icon

    There are Rampage icons spread out across the map in GTA: San Andreas. They are represented by a floating white skull in a glowing pink orb. There are multiple Rampage icons available in each city, so there are essentially multiple options for multiplayer regardless of the stage you are at in the game.

  2. Touch a Rampage icon

    After you run over the icon while traveling on foot, plug a second controller if not already connected to your gaming console. It is not possible to start a Rampage mission while driving a car.

  3. Confirm two-player mode on the second controller

    To confirm that you wish to complete the particular Rampage mission with two players, use the second controller and press A on XBox or XBox 360, or X on Playsation 2 or Playstation 3.

  4. Start Rampaging

    You have a very short amount of time to complete the mission at hand. There are five increasingly difficult cooperative Rampage missions at your disposal, with the next unlocked upon successful completion of each round.