How Do You Play "Twisted Metal 2" As Dark Tooth?

The Dark Tooth character can only be played using in-game cheat codes. Depending on which platform is used, entering these codes on specific levels allow the user to play as Dark Tooth.

  1. Start the game to begin

    To play as Dark Tooth on the PlayStation 2 platform, insert the disk, and load the game. Once the game is loaded, the code to enter depends on which level is chosen.

  2. Select the appropriate level

    There are cheat codes available to be used in any level with "Twisted Metal 2," but they differ from location to location. Pick your favorite level, and begin the game with any character of your choice.

  3. Enter the matching code

    Once your game has started, the final step is to enter the following codes on your PS2. These codes must be entered during actual gameplay, so the game can not be paused. The code for the Axel Level is triangle, square, triangle, square, blank and square. The Grasshopper level code is x, blank, x, square, square and blank. Circle, circle, blank, triangle and x is the code for the Hammerhead level. On the Mr. Grimm level, enter blank, square, triangle, circle, circle and triange. The code for the Mr. Slam level is square, blank, square, triangle, circle and x. The Outlaw Level code is blank, circle, x, blank, triangle and blank. Enter triangle, circle, x, triangle, square and x for the Roadkill level. The code for the Shadow Level is x, circle, circle, circle, blank and triangle. The Thumper Level code is triangle, blank, square, square, x and circle. From the Twister level, enter x, square, blank, square, triangle and circle. Finally for the Warthog level, the code is circle, square, blank, circle, circle and square.