How Do You Play "Twilight Vs. Walking"?


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Play the online game "Twilight vs. Walking" by using the "Q," "W," "O" and "P" keys to control the different limbs of the "My Little Pony" character Twilight as she attempts to walk across the room. Each key controls a different section of her legs

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At the start of the game an introduction explains that Twilight is about to learn how to fly, but has forgotten how to walk. At the top of the screen the letters "Q," "W," "O" and "P" display, indicating that the "Q" and "W" keys control portions of the back legs and the "O" and "P" keys control portions of the front legs. Press these keys in alternating sequences to control the pony's legs and propel her forward across the room. If Twilight falls over or lands on her back, the game resets and places her at the far left side of the room.

"Twilight vs. Walking" is a clone of the game "QWOP," which uses the same control scheme to move a character across the screen. In that game, you play as Olympian Qwop as he attempts to compete in the 100-meter dash. Both games challenge you to learn the control scheme and recreate a walking motion using specific commands rather than pressing one button to move forward.

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