How Do You Play "Trollface Quest 3"?


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Playing the game "Trollface Quest 3" involves clicking on different aspects of each level to solve various puzzles. Every level has its own unique goal, with puzzles that incorporate a mix of basic logic and creative thinking.

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Each level in "Trollface Quest 3" requires you to click on various elements in the game in order to avoid traps and meet certain goals. For example, the first level of the game presents you with a character driving a car that you must click on in order to progress. However, once you progress you must click on the car to stop it or be killed by a falling bomb. Subsequent levels use a similar trial-and-error approach towards discovering the specific win conditions.

The "Trollface Quest" series takes its inspiration from the popular Internet meme by the same name, which itself is based on the various types of inflammatory behaviors and actions found on online message boards and forums, commonly called "trolling." As such, the game incorporates numerous irksome tactics in each level, which are meant to be a meta-commentary on the bating and aggravating nature of many people online. This means that many levels are intentionally designed to cause frustration to the user, and often seem to be impossible to solve.

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