How Do You Play "Get On Top" on a Guitar?

How Do You Play "Get On Top" on a Guitar? and feature guitar tabs to show you how to play “Get on Top.” The tabs are shown with some of the song’s lyrics to let you know when to play a chord. The tabs also show when other guitar skills are needed to play the song, such as guitar sliding and hammer-ons. Both websites also provide a print option to print a copy of the guitar tabs.

Guitar tabs show guitarists how to play a specific song. To read guitar tabs, you must first know the names of the six strings on a guitar. Most tabs have six lines, with letters on the left side of the lines that represent the names of each string. The top string of a guitar is shown as the bottom line in a tab, and the bottom string is shown as the top line in a tab. Tabs also have numbers on the lines; the numbers represent which guitar string needs to be played on which fret.

“Get on Top” is a song performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it is featured in the “Californication” album. The album features mainly alternative rock music and was released in 1999. “Californication” is one of the band’s most successful albums, with millions of copies sold. It features a Grammy Award-winning song.