How Do You Play "Toilet Simulator"?

The exact controls for the game "Toilet Simulator" vary depending on the platform. In general, the game allows you to take control of a person sitting on a toilet, with the ability to press a button or key to initiate urination or defecation as well as flush the toilet.

The game "Toilet Simulator" first came into being during an independent game design competition under the direction of the British company Trash Games. The original version is available to download for Windows and Mac computers and features the basic set of gameplay controls. In both versions, you assume the role of a person sitting on a toilet in a restroom. Use the mouse to move the character's head around and look at the surrounding area, such as the walls, your body and the toilet underneath you. The came also includes three distinct controls, which are access able through the keyboard. One button causes the character to urinate, another to pass a bowel movement and the final to flush the toilet.

As of 2015, the game is also available for Android devices. In this version, the player looks around by swiping on the screen and initiates the restroom actions via onscreen buttons. Additionally, there is also a version of the game for the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform.