How Do You Play "Timez Attack"?


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Play "Timez Attack" by moving your character from math problem to math problem, solving the problems to advance through the environment. After solving all the problems on a given level, face a "Big Boss" and solve a random assortment of problems from all previous levels to advance.

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How Do You Play "Timez Attack"?
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"Timez Attack" by BigBrainz has versions available to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Because the game is set up like a traditional dungeon crawl, children are motivated to continue through all the levels and learn all the facts. The game presents the math facts in an intuitive way before testing the player. The boss on each level adapts automatically to the player's abilities, reinforcing knowledge and strengthening areas of weakness.

After the player chooses a grade level and male or female character to play as, the game begins by assessing the player's typing speed, and then progresses to a pretest to assess the player's knowledge. After the player works through the levels, a post-test assesses progress. Progress reports are available in-game and accessed by pressing Esc and then clicking Progress.

"Timez Attack" is available for schools to purchase under three-month, 12-month or lifetime licenses. A free download is available for home use, or home users can upgrade to a deluxe version. Educationally, the deluxe version is the same as the free version, but it allows the player to choose from more environments for the dungeon crawl, which range from a jungle to a space station.

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