How Do You Play the "Thomas & Friends" Game?

How Do You Play the "Thomas & Friends" Game?

The PBS Kids website provides six "Thomas & Friends" games, all of which have different instructions and playing rules. The games include "Many Moods," "Track Builder," "Tangled Rail Lines," "Engine Repair' and "Steam Team Snapshots," in addition to "Track Repair."

"Many Moods" helps younger children learn to identify different facial expressions. To play, pick the facial expression that matches the narrator's description.

"Track Builder" encourages creativity. Several track pieces are available for the child to organize into a variety of shapes and positions. To play, drag the track pieces onto the canvas of your choice.

"Tangled Rail Lines" is a story-based game in which you place bits and pieces of a story into the correct order. To play, drag pieces of the story to the blank space until the tale makes sense.

"Engine Repair" walks through the processes of repairing malfunctioning trains. To play, click on the appropriate tool to fulfill the train's needs.

"Steam Team Snapshots" is a fun and easy design program that lets you add decorative items to a picture of your favorite train. Drag the image to the picture and resize it by moving the mouse.

"Track Repair" is similar to "Track Builder," except that you're fixing a train track rather than building one. To play, drag the necessary track piece to the black space within the track.