How Do You Play Text Twist?


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In the game Text Twist, you are given six random, jumbled letters and must create as many different words out of those letters as you can before time runs out. If you are able to create a word using all six letters at once, you automatically advance to the next round.

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To create a new word, click on the individual letters in the order they would appear in the word. Alternatively, you can type the word using your keyboard. To remove a letter from a word, use the backspace on your keyboard. Click the button marked "clear" to remove all letters at once.

Clicking the "twist" button or using the spacebar on your keyboard rearranges the order the letters appear. This can help you spot new words. The words you have already found will appear below the play area in an alphabetical list to help you keep track of them. Pluralizing an already-found word counts as a new word. You may not use proper nouns or non-English words, but you can add suffixes and prefixes to existing words to create a new word. Using the keyboard to create words, instead of clicking on the letters, is quicker and allows you to create more words in the given time.

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