How Do You Play "Territory War 3"?


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“Territory War 3” is an online Flash game in which players take turns trying to eliminate the other side using a variety of weapons. They control the game using a computer keyboard, and they can play online with other gamers or offline with friends locally.

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In “Territory War 3,” each side takes a turn firing one weapon of choice at the opposing team. Players can press the W key and then the number that corresponds with the weapon that they want to use. For example, if they want to throw a grenade, they need to press the W key and then the 1 key.

Gamers use different buttons on the keyboard to control each weapon in the game. When using the grenades, for example, they use the arrow keys to aim up or down. Holding down the A button determines the power behind the throw. Players can also use the Shift key to steady their aim and the F and B keys to adjust the spin of the grenades.

Players have to quickly line up each shot and fire before they run out of time. Each side has 45 seconds to pick a weapon, line up the shot and fire. Players who don't achieve this before time is up loses a turn.

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