How Do You Play "Temple Run: Oz"?


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"Temple Run: Oz" is an endless running video game in which the player controls the magician Oz, collects coins, and tries to survive as long as possible. Each game session ends when the player fails to evade the procedurally generated obstacles.

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The player must swipe across the screen to make his character jump, slide and turn. Coins appear at random positions on the path, and the player must tilt his gaming device to move Oz sideways and collect the coins. "Temple Run: Oz" requires the player to spend coins on new power-ups and abilities, which help the player survive longer. To differentiate itself from the original "Temple Run" game and other spinoffs, "Temple Run: Oz" switches between various worlds with distinct obstacles. For instance, the game occasionally has the player ride a hot air balloon and earn more coins in the sky.

Although "Temple Run: Oz" has no objective other than to survive, the player can try to complete in-game accomplishments called Legendary Challenges. Some examples include collecting certain amounts of coins and points in a single run, unlocking all abilities, and visiting all worlds. As of 2015, the game is available as a paid app on Windows and mobile platforms. In-app purchases are available that give the player more coins and improve his character faster.

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