How Do You Play "Tanki Online 2"?


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Players can play Tanki Online 2 for free by visiting www.tankionline-2.com and clicking "Click to Play." The commands are the same as in the original Tanki game.

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In Tanki and Tanki 2, players use the arrow keys to move the tank around. They can use the PgUp and PgDn keys to change the camera view, use + and - to change the size of the viewport, and press the space bar to fire. Pressing F causes the tank to drop a flag, while the number keys 1 to 5 allow the player to use items stored in those inventory slots. P pauses the game, while Tab displays the scores and Del causes the tank to destroy itself. The keys Z and X rotate the tank turret from side to side, while C centers it. Players can use these commands to move the tank around and complete missions.

Players can chat with each other while playing Tanki Online 2. Pressing Enter brings up the chat box, into which players can type their messages. For team chat, players need to press Ctrl + Enter.

Tanki Online 2 requires less powerful computers and lower bandwith than the original version of the game, so more people are able to play it. There is also a range of new tanks, weapons and shields available.

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