How Do You Play "Tank War"?

How Do You Play "Tank War"?

In order to play Tank Wars, use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to control the tank while dodging incoming missiles from the other enemies. Then use the A and Z keys to turn the tank's turret, and use the space button to fire.

Shockwave's Tank Wars is a game based on an older DOS game called BOMB, which was initially developed by Kenneth Morse. There have been many renditions made since its released in 1990, and the following instructions are used for the game featured on the Shockwave website as of 2015.

  1. Pick a tank
  2. Choose the tank to be used in game. Each tank has its own performance attributes, some of which are better than the other units'.

  3. Become familiar with the controls
  4. The tanks are moved by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The A and Z keys operate the angle of the turret, while the S key resets it to the center. The W key allows the player to switch weapons.

  5. Play the practice round
  6. Play the practice round to get used to the controls.

  7. Play the game
  8. Once familiar with how to control the tank, play the game. The players with the highest scores are featured on the Shockwave high scores list.