How Do You Play "Tank Trouble 2"?


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"Tank Trouble 2" is an online Flash game for two to three players in which participants try to destroy each other's tanks using a single keyboard and mouse. Players navigate through maze-like levels while shooting different kinds of missiles in order to be the last tank standing.

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Each player uses a set of keys or the mouse to control his tank. The player using the arrow keys can press the right and left arrow keys to rotate the tank clockwise and counter-clockwise, the up and down keys to move the tank forward and backward, and the M key to shoot missiles. The second player uses the E, S, D, and F keys as if they were arrow keys to move the tank in the same way, and uses the Q key to shoot missiles. If there is a third player, he uses the mouse; the tank follows the cursor wherever it goes and shoots by left-clicking.

Missiles can bounce off the walls of the maze, so players should be careful where they shoot them. The missiles may bounce back and hit the player who initially fired them. Additional ammo types appear as grey icons throughout the game and give the tank special abilities if the player moves over them, but players can only carry a couple at a time.

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