How Do You Play "Sushi Cat 2"?

Play the game "Sushi Cat 2" by moving the mouse across the game field and clicking to drop Sushi Cat down the play area in an attempt to catch as much sushi as possible. Sushi Cat bounces off the different obstacles in each level, making it difficult to obtain sushi.

The main gameplay mechanic the game revolves around is the positioning and release of Sushi Cat onto the game area. Moving the mouse to the left pulls Sushi Cat towards the left of the screen, with rightward mouse movements causing the same movement towards the right of the screen. To release Sushi Cat, you must perform a left click on the mouse. As Sushi Cat falls down towards the bonus score boxes at the bottom of each level, he eats the sushi he touches, which causes him to grow in size. Eating more sushi fills a special meter that activates various bonuses once full. Each level also includes different types of sushi that carry different special effects.

Every level includes a different design that presents different challenges for obtaining all the sushi. Some levels include curved paths that Sushi Cat cannot pass if he is of a certain size. You only receive a limited number of attempts at each level, which means you need to plan moves strategically.