How Do You Play "Sushi Cat"?

To play "Sushi Cat," you drop the eponymous cat from the top of the screen into a maze of sushi tidbits. He falls and collects each piece of sushi that he touches. The player's goal is to make Sushi Cat as large as possible by feeding him lots of sushi.

When you drop Sushi Cat into the screen, you must anticipate where he falls; the screen is full of obstacles such as flippers and platforms that try to redirect Sushi Cat's journey away from the sushi. Avoid the obstacles or try to use them to bounce back into the area with the most sushi.

In addition to obstacles, the game features special golden sushi pieces that you can collect to unlock outfits for Sushi Cat. The player can dress up Sushi Cat as a police officer, a sumo wrestler or an astronaut, for instance. Other golden sushi perks include special bonuses, such as one that allows the player to freeze the screen and click to grab as many sushi pieces as possible before the timer runs out.

At the very bottom of each screen, the player finds a number of bins that Sushi Cat falls into. Each bin has a bonus multiplier, helping Sushi Cat to get even larger and maximize his high score. Try to land in the bins with the largest multipliers.