How Do You Play Super Santa Kicker?


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Gamers play “Super Santa Kicker” using a computer mouse to control a reindeer that is trying to kick Santa into a chimney. The game is available to play for free on websites such as Kongregate.com with or without establishing an account.

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“Super Santa Kicker” is a puzzle game with 36 levels. Players who complete all of those levels unlock four bonus stages. While the level of difficulty for the puzzles varies by stage, the goal of the game is always to kick Santa into the chimney in as few tries as possible. In some stages there are objects in the way that might make it more difficult to get Santa into the chimney. Other times, players have to rely on pushing other objects out of the way by flinging Santa's body into them. Despite the difficulty, players can try as many times as they wish.

Players adjust the power and angle of the reindeer's kick with the mouse. When they are satisfied, clicking the left mouse button sends Santa flying. At the top of the screen, the game keeps up with how long it takes players to get Santa into the chimney and how many attempts they make. Players don't receive a score of any kind; the information is simply for their personal knowledge.

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