How Do You Play "Super Santa Kicker 5"?


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Developers haven't released a "Super Santa Kicker 5" game, as of July 2015. Players who still want to enjoy other games from this series can play “Super Santa Kicker 3” and others on arcade websites such as Coolmath-games.com.

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“Super Santa Kicker 3” is a puzzle game in which players use reindeer to kick Santa into chimneys. The game poses a challenge because there are often obstacles in the way that can make it difficult to get Santa into the chimney. For example, sometimes the player must collect all of the bags of presents to unlock the door to kick Santa into the chimney. Other times, there are multiple chimneys that players have to kick Santa into.

Players have an unlimited number of time and attempts to get Santa into the chimney. However, the game keeps track of how long it takes them to complete each stage and how many times they had to kick Santa to get him into the chimney. There are 20 stages for players to beat, and they get progressively harder.

Gamers play “Super Santa Kicker 3” with a computer mouse. They drag the mouse around the screen to adjust the angle at which the reindeer kicks Santa and the amount of power that they use to kick him.

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