How Do You Play "Super Fighters" on Kongregate.com?


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Play "Super Fighters" on Kongregate by selecting your fighter from the main menu and pressing specific buttons to activate attacks. The up key jumps, the left button kicks, right performs a crouching kick and pressing down punches. The N and M keys move the character, and spacebar activates special attacks.

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Pressing Q ends a match and returns the player to the main menu screen, and the S button mutes the game. All characters in the game share the basic gameplay, and the gauge at the bottom of the screen builds as players activate attacks, allowing them to eventually unleash a special move that greatly damages foes. Timing and correct placement of the character on the screen dramatically affect the performance each round, and winning the game requires defeating a series of characters.

Players do not need to log into Kongregate to access the game, but playing while logged in does allow accumulation of Kongregate points and achievements. Players may chat with other gamers while playing "Super Fighters," but no multiplayer option exists, as of 2015. Kongregate allows players to rate the game using the same interface as the chat bar, and Kongregate members may also add the game to their lists of favorites or current playlists for quick access at any time.

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