How Do You Play "Super Chick Sisters 2"?

How Do You Play "Super Chick Sisters 2"?

To play "Super Chick Sisters 2," find the game online and use the arrow keys and spacebar to control your character.

  1. Find the game online

    Search online to find the game. The game "Super Chick Sisters 2" can be found on the Peta Kids, McCruelty and Kentucky Fried Cruelty websites, as well as many other websites. You need a Shockwave Flash plug-in installed on your browser to play the game. The game can be downloaded to PC and Mac computers.

  2. Use the controls

    Start the game by picking a language. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your character around. Press the spacebar to jump and break blocks. To pause the game, press the "Escape" button.

  3. Play through the game

    Choose one of the two chicks as your character. Pamela Anderson is an unlockable character. The plot of the game is that evil Ronald McDonald has kidnapped Princess Pamela Anderson. You use your chick character to save the princess and help save chickens. To defeat an enemy in the game, jump on his head. Pressing on the down-arrow key when you are mid-jump allows you to get more points when defeating enemies. You lose a life by running into enemies.