How Do You Play Sugar, Sugar on CoolMath?


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Play the game "Sugar, Sugar" on CoolMath-Games.com by clicking and dragging the cursor to draw lines on the play area and create a path connecting falling sugar particles to a designated cup. Once the cup receives enough sugar, usually 100 particles, the level is complete and the next level loads.

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The basic concept behind "Sugar, Sugar" is using logic and deductive reasoning to figure out the best way to fill a cup with sugar falling from a point on the screen. Players do this with a click-based drawing mechanic that also presents numerous options for solving the problem in creative ways. For example, the first level places a single cup at the bottom of the screen and the sugar spout at the top, utilizing the title of game as the dispenser. Since players can draw anywhere on the screen, it is up to them to choose how they want to create a system for transporting the sugar into the cup.

Subsequent levels introduce new obstacles and features that require different solutions and strategies. In the second level, players must fill two cups instead of one. As there is only one sugar source, players need to create the first line in a fashion that doesn't prevent them from filling the second cup.

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