How Do You Play "Stunt Master"?


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To play the game "Stunt Master," press the up arrow to move the character forward and the space bar to activate the special move based on the character type. The goal of each level is to reach the end of each level while earning as many points as possible.

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At the start of each level you are able to choose one of three different character models to use, including the Running Man, the Bike Bandit and the Mustang Mayhem. Each option carries a different special move, which you activate by pressing the space bar. The Running Man's special move is a jump, while the Bike Bandit's special move is a wheelie and the Mustang Mayhem's special move is a nitro boost. Each option also features different stats, making some more suitable for different levels. For example, the car is slower but sturdier, while the bike faster but more fragile.

Each level presents different obstacles that you must smash or jump over to earn points. The game encourages you to try different vehicles on different levels in order achieve different scores and unlock different special achievements. You are able to view the different achievements at the start of each level, under the Awards section.

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