How Do You Play Stunt Bike Games?


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Gamers use the arrows on a computer keyboard to play stunt bike games such as “Stunt Dirt Bike” and “Motor X Madness.” They accelerate using the up arrow, and they tilt forward or backward by using the left and right arrows.

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In “Stunt Dirt Bike,” players rush to get to the end of the stage as quickly as possible. To start with, they choose to ride a bike or an ATV. As they progress in the game, they gain access to additional vehicles. At the end of every stage, players receive a score based on how long it took them to complete a course on the successful run and all of their previous tries that ended in failure. To receive the best score, they have to perfect their skills.

In “Motor X Madness,” players choose from four modes for each of five courses. The first mode is a standard time trial in which the player must reach the end of the stage as quickly as possible. In the second mode, they have to pop as many balloons as they can before reaching the end of the track. Flipping mode require players to flip as many times as they can in one run. The final mode is the technical mode, and it challenges players to complete the course with as few mistakes as possible.

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