How Do You Play "Stronghold Crusaders" As a Multiplayer Game?

There are four methods of playing "Stronghold Crusader" by Firefly Studios with multiple players: by directly connecting computers together, by connecting computers through a Local Area Network, by making a direct connection between two computers remotely using a modem or an Internet connection, and by playing online through the GameSpy Arcade service. Each method has its own unique setup instructions.

Players can connect two computers together directly if they both have serial ports by using a serial cable. One player must be designated as the host, and the COM port numbers of each computer should be known.

Players who have modems but do not have Internet connections can directly connect by having one computer call another. The player receiving the call is designated as the host.

If a LAN is available, players can use either the IPX or Internet TCP/IP options on the service provider screen to connect to each other. This method allows for the largest number of multiple players in a game.

Players can also use the GameSpy Arcade software to connect over the Internet. This software is available as a free download from GameSpy. This method allows players to connect with others who are using the software worldwide.

Only two players are able to play simultaneously with a modem or serial cable connection, and only four can play simultaneously with GameSpy Arcade. Up to eight players can play simultaneously on a LAN.