How Do You Play "Sticky Ninja Academy" on Coolmath-Games?

How Do You Play "Sticky Ninja Academy" on Coolmath-Games?

To play "Sticky Ninja Academy" on Coolmath-Games, click in the circle by your ninja character, and drag the cursor to aim his jump. Use the ninja's jumps to collect items, defeat enemies and reach the door at the end of the level.

To find the game, visit the homepage, and click All Games A-Z. On the games list, click Sticky Ninja Academy.

Dragging the cursor alters the distance and angle of the ninja's jump. A line indicates the direction of the jump as you aim. When you release the mouse button, the ninja jumps.

The game has several different kinds of objects and enemies. If the ninja touches a sticky thing, he sticks to that point on the object until the next jump. If he touches a non-sticky thing, he slides off it. Bouncy things make the ninja bounce and continue in the same direction. Deadly things cause the ninja to disappear in a puff of smoke, after which you restart at a previous location.

When you jump into a white ninja, you defeat him and take his treasure. You must defeat all the other white ninjas in a level and take their treasure before you complete it.

After you complete a level, you receive a score and a grade. Each level has a perfect number of jumps. The game awards bonus points based on your number of jumps.