How Do You Play "Stickman"?


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Play the game "Stickman" by using different keyboard keys to move a character through different levels and defeat oncoming opponents. Each level includes different enemies and weapons, with various button combinations triggering more powerful moves. The goal is to collect coins and reach the end of each stage without dying.

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The start of the game places the player character at the left edge of the screen with a group of enemies rushing towards him. Instead of offering instructions or a tutorial, it displays the A, W and D keys on the right side of the screen along with the J, K and L keys on the left side of the screen to encourage players to test out the controls. The A and D keys move the character to the left and right, respectively, while the W key causes the character to jump. The J and K keys trigger different attacks, and the L key picks up any nearby weapons. Pressing the L key with a weapon causes the player to hurl it at enemies as an attack.

Press the attack keys in different orders to access new attacks, known as combos. It is also possible to access combos by attacking while jumping or moving while attacking. Killing enemies releases coins and earns points. On-screen instructions about how to progress appear after killing each group of enemies.

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