How Do You Play "Stick Run"?

How Do You Play "Stick Run"?

Play “Stick Run” using a computer keyboard to control the on-screen character. The goal is to reach the end of each stage as quickly as possible without dying. Players have unlimited lives and no time limit. The game is free to play on arcade websites such as Kongregate as of 2015.

Players use the arrow keys to control the character in “Stick Run.” The left and right arrows move the stick figure left and right, respectively. The up arrow key makes the character jump. Players can jump three times in a row without having to land.

When the character comes into contact with a wall, pressing the jump button makes the character do a wall jump. Continuously doing wall jumps allows the player to scale high walls that they normally can't jump over.

In the top-right corner of the screen is a timer. This timer keeps up with the total time that it takes players to beat the game, not just a single stage. Dying doesn't reset the timer.

The sequel to this game, “Stick Run 2,” is also available to play on Kongregate. The controls for this game remain the same, but the developer updated the graphics and increased the number of stages. The game also features an integrated high-score system that allows players to compare their best times for beating the game.