How Do You Play "Stick Ninja Academy" Online?


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Play the game "Sticky Ninja Academy" by using the mouse to launch a ninja through various levels while avoiding obstacles and defeating enemy ninja for points. The ninja is able to stick to various surfaces in the game, adding an element of strategy to traveling through each level.

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The main method of transportation within the game "Sticky Ninja Academy" is a jump kick, which is initiated through moving and clicking with the mouse. While the ninja is in a resting position, move the mouse around the screen to choose a direction in which you want the ninja to travel. Once you find a direction, left-click on the screen and pull the mouse back to choose the force with which you want to send the ninja jump kicking. Pulling the mouse further back increases the force and changes the angle at which the ninja moves, which means it may be necessary to readjust in order to achieve the proper trajectory.

The game includes a blue outline that highlights the ninja's path based on the angle and force. If the path turns red, it indicates that the trajectory is not feasible. Once the ninja lands on a surface, he sticks to it. Some surfaces cause the ninja to bounce in a new direction, while others cause him to slide away.

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