How Do You Play Free Sport Games Online?


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Some websites that offer free online sports games are ESPN.Go.com, PrimaryGames.com and in.com. These websites are subscription-free, so you do not need to sign up in order to play the games. Choose from a wide variety of sports games, including basketball, football, soccer, baseball and racing games.

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"Alley Oop" is a basketball game available on ESPN arcade. During the game, players need to pass the ball accurately to a teammate in order to complete an "alley oop" dunk. The game allows 60 seconds to complete as many dunks as possible. Score points for successful dunks. The longer the streak of successful dunks, the more points you gain.

In the game "Field General," also offered by ESPN arcade, the player takes up the role of the quarterback of a football team. The goal is to complete successful passes and score touchdowns. The game has several stages, and progress is saved each time the player passes a stage. Get special moves and extra pass attempts as you progress.

"Smash and Blast Baseball" is a baseball game in which the player becomes a batter. Try to get the optimal accuracy and power in order to achieve a home run. Aiming for the highlighted target gains bonus points or extra balls.

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