How Do You Play the "Spore" Video Game?


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"Spore" is, in essence, an evolutionary simulator within which you can guide a species development from the first stages of evolution until that species is capable of conquering or destroying other planets. Beginning with the selection of the desirable species and a homeworld, the player is required to guide the species through five distinct evolutionary levels.

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As a user, you begin with selecting your homeworld, your desired difficulty setting and by deciding whether your cell will be herbivorous or carnivorous. Then you take hold of your species and guide its development through five stages.

During the first stage (Cell Stage), you control your cell, feeding it with the appropriate food and avoiding larger cells while collecting parts. Next comes the Creature stage, where you continue collecting new parts to develop your creature and kill or befriend other creatures. The third is the Tribal Stage, where you control a tribe of your creature and you must make allies of, or exterminate, other tribes.

Within the fourth stage (Civilization Stage), you can already encounter nations with religious, military and economic aspects that are trying to destroy other nations or simply buy them out. The Space Stage is the last, the longest and the most complex one. It gives you the opportunity to begin colonizing other systems as you strive to become the galaxy's most powerful race.

"Spore" was created in 2008, and much of its content is user-generated, as players are allowed to create and share items such as cells, creatures and vehicles on a website called Sporepedia. There is a wide variety of options, as players can choose from more than 100 million creations.

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