How Do You Play "Spore" for Free Without Downloading It?

To play Spore for free without downloading it, go to a free games site such as or If using Google Chrome, a different browser will be required in order to play the game due to compatibility issues. Spore is a hybrid of shooter, tower defense and clicktoy games where players must defend their planet from meteors, which can be destroyed by clicking on them.

In order to play Spore free without downloading it:

  1. Open a browser that supports the game
  2. Free online versions of Spore use Unity, which is not supported by Google Chrome. In order to play the game a different browser is needed. Firefox will support Unity, according to Firefox is available to download free from If not already downloaded, go to and download it free. Run the browser.

  3. Go to a free games site
  4. In Firefox, go to or and search for "Spore." Load the game.

  5. Download Flash
  6. Spore requires the latest versions of Flash Player and Javascript to play. These can be downloaded from links on After installation, the game should play normally and if desired, players can sign up for membership to save badges, points and progress, as well as to unlock other video games and prizes.