How Do You Play the "Spider Solitaire" Game?


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Play "Spider Solitaire" by combining two standard decks of cards and dealing out 10 piles or four face-down cards, then placing one additional row of face-down cards on the first five piles. Cover all piles with one face-up card then rebuild the eight suits in ascending order.

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"Spider Solitaire" begins by building a tableau that contains 10 piles of cards, with half containing four face-down cards and half containing five face-down cards. All piles need to have one additional face-up card on top before beginning play. First, move the cards between piles to creating descending columns of alternating suits, such as placing the four of clubs on top of the five of diamonds. If any pile loses all of its face-up cards, flip over the top face-down card. Cards must be moved starting with the topmost card and include all the cards beneath it, rather than only the bottom card.

If any ace appears in play, place it above the tableau in a new pile. The goal of the game is to fill each upper pile with the cards of that suit in numerical order. Continue moving cards within the tableau until there are no more valid moves. At this point, deal 10 new cards from the stockpile and continue to arrange the cards.

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