How Do You Play Spider Solitaire?


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Spider Solitaire resembles the standard game of solitaire in that several columns of cards need to have their suits completed in sequence from King to Ace. Spider Solitaire is traditionally played with two standard decks of playing cards. A player wins Spider Solitaire when all the columns are completed in the tableau and left on the eight foundations.

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Spider Solitaire is played by moving the lowest cards in a column in the tableau to other columns to make a completed suit column to move to one of the foundations. A descending sequence card, such as a Two of Diamonds, can be moved to any card above it, such as a Three of Clubs. Collected stacks of cards of the same suit can be moved to other columns, such as when a sequence of Nine to Seven of Diamonds is moved to a Ten of Clubs or a Ten of Diamonds all at once.

Spider Solitaire can be played as One Suit, Two Suit, or Four Suit, with the latter being considered the genuine form of the game. In One Suit, the only suit in play is the Spade, whereas in Two Suit, both the Spade and Heart suits are in play.

Spider Solitaire is a modified game of solitaire, or patience, in which a player has to organize cards in some way. This game is usually played solo, but competitive forms of it are possible.

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