How Do You Play "Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing"?

How Do You Play "Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing"?

Players use the computer keyboard to play "Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing." The arrow keys move Spider-Man around the screen. The game requires the Unity Plugin to work, so gamers cannot play it in all browsers.

"Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing" is a 3D game that helped promote the launch of the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in 2014. While the game appears on many arcade websites such as, not every website has a working copy of the game.

The goal of "Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing" is to travel as far as possible without running out of webbing. The players' final scores depend on how far they travel. While they swing through the streets of New York, they have to dodge objects.

The challenge of the game is to keep Spider-Man's web gauge full. Every time he shoots his web to swing, the gauge decreases. To get a high score, players have to pick up web fluid by swinging into it.

Players can lose in two ways: if they run out of webbing and if they hit too many obstacles. There is a clock in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen that informs players of how long they have been swinging.