How Do You Play Sonic Games Online?


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Although gamers cannot legally play official Sonic games online, they can enjoy fan-made Sonic games on arcade websites such as TheSonicGames.com and HerosArcade.com. Examples of some fan-made Sonic games include “Ultimate Flash Sonic” and “Sonic Smash Brothers.”

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“Ultimate Flash Sonic” is a traditional Sonic game in which the players must reach the end of the stage without dying. In this game, they can choose between Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They use the arrow keys on the computer keyboard to move and the space bar to jump. Players can collect coins, jump on enemies' heads and do character-specific moves just like in traditional Sonic games. For example, when playing as Tails, they can hold the jump button to make Tails hover in the air. As long as the player has at least one coin, he doesn't die when an enemy hits him or he runs into something that causes damage.

“Sonic Smash Brothers” is a spin-off of the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. franchise. In this game, however, players use several Sonic characters instead of characters from Nintendo franchises. The goal of the game is to get the other player up to a high percentage by hitting him and then knocking him off of the stage. Knocking the other player off the stage is easier when players are at a higher percentage.

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