How Do You Play the "Soccer Physics" Game?


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In “Soccer Physics,” gamers use the arrow keys on a computer keyboard to control a two-man soccer team. The game is available to play for free on arcade websites such as CrazyGames.com. To play, gamers have to download and install the Unity plugin.

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The goal of “Soccer Physics” is to get the balls into the opposing team's goal. Gamers control both of the soccer players using the up arrow on their keyboard, which makes them both jump at the same time. Two-button mode is available in the options menu, which allows gamers to control both of them individually. In this mode, the left arrow controls the left player, and the right arrow controls the right player.

The challenge of the game comes from the gamers having no control over the forward and backward movements of the soccer players. Instead, the on-screen players flop around as gamers input commands for them to jump. Making the game even more difficult are the differently shaped balls that gamers must hit into each goal.

“Soccer Physics” is also available to play on iOS devices. In this version, gamers tap the screen to make the soccer players jump. Just like the computer version of the game, it supports two-player head-to-head mode.

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