How Do You Play "Snow Queen" Dress-up Games?

Gamers use the mouse to click on outfits when playing Snow Queen dress-up games such as “Snow Queen Dress Up.” This particular game is a free Flash game on

In “Snow Queen Dress Up,” players have to help the Snow Queen get ready for her most important time of the year — winter. Using the computer mouse, they pick outfits made out of ice flowers and snowflakes for her to wear. There is no way to lose the game; players simply put together outfits that they think look good. Once finished, they can click the Back button to make a new outfit.

Players have 10 different categories from which to choose when dressing up the Snow Queen, including hair, earrings, shoes, magic wands, jackets, masks and hats. They don't have to use every category before selecting the Done button to view their final creations. Afterward, they have to wait for a small ad to finish playing before they can view their final masterpieces.

Players who are having difficulty creating an outfit can hover the mouse over the Hint button to see examples outfits that the developer of the game created. They can use these designs for guidelines, or they can try to replicate them.