How Do You Play the "Snoring" Game at CoolMath-Games.com?


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Play the game "Snoring" at CoolMath-Games.com by clicking on the different animals on screen in an attempt to wake the sleeping elephant. Clicking on each animal causes a unique reaction, with some simply falling and others jumping. Each level features different animals and environmental obstacles.

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The goal of "Snoring" is to wake the snoring elephant in each level by causing one of several other animals to bump into it and send it falling off of a ledge. The first level begins with an owl that falls out of the tree when you click on it. As the owl hits the ground, it follows the slope of the ground and gravity to move in a new direction. With each new animal, you must determine the correct order in which you need to click on the animals so that one hits the elephant and wakes it up.

Whenever the game introduces a new animal, it includes a brief description of its behavior. For example, the second level introduces a pig and begins with a text box explaining that pigs roll whenever another animal hits them. Similarly, the third level features the pig again but also introduces a zebra, along with a message about zebras being jumpy. To solve the level, experiment with each animal's reaction to discover the way to wake up the elephant.

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