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Snail Bob can be played by searching for the Snail Bob game on AGame.com. Snail Bob is also available as a downloadable game app for Android and iPhone smartphones.

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Snail Bob is a puzzle game that involves guiding the main character, Snail Bob, from the beginning to the exit of a level. Each level contains different interactive tools that must be used and obstacles that must be avoided in order to achieve success.

On both the Web and smartphone versions of the game, users click on various tools throughout each map in order to force an action, such as extending a bridge or launching Snail Bob to an unreachable area. Some tools require a movement, such as rotating a pulley to raise an elevator lift platform. Snail Bob only travels in one direction at a time, so there are tools on the map that rotate can rotate his direction so he may proceed towards an exit. Clicking on Snail Bob causes him to retract into his shell and pause movement. This action is useful when a tool, such as a floor switch, requires an activation period of several seconds rather than a single click.

It is important to note that playing the Web version of Snail Bob on a Mac or PC requires the download and installation of Adobe Flash, available at Adobe.com.

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