How Do You Play "Snail Bob 3"?


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Play "Snail Bob 3" by clicking on different items in each level to trigger special actions that clear the obstacles stopping him from reaching the exit. Each level also includes three hidden stars to collect, though collecting stars is not a requirement for completing the level.

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The narrative behind "Snail Bob 3" is that, while visiting a museum with his grandfather, Snail Bob accidentally activates a time machine, which transports him back to ancient Egypt. Each level contains Egyptian themes, such as sand, pyramids, hieroglyphics and mummies. The controls for "Snail Bob 3" are similar to those of past games, wherein you need to click on different switches throughout each level in order to clear Snail Bob's path to the end of each level.

Some examples of common level elements include switches, which often control wall or floor panels. For example, a level may feature a solid wall blocking Snail Bob's path, which means it has an accompanying switch somewhere in the level. By clicking on the switch, you raise the wall and allow Snail Bob to progress forward. Some obstacles require you to hold Snail Bob in place by clicking on him. The game also features a speed control in the upper-left corner, which causes Snail Bob to move faster.

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