How Do You Play "Snail Bob 2"?


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"Snail Bob 2" requires players to click different elements in each level to alter the environment and clear a path for Snail Bob to reach the exit in each level. Levels include various obstacles, such as traps, falling rocks and collapsing logs that players must avoid.

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At the start of the game, you have the option to mute the game's music and sound effects as well as choose the graphical quality before starting on the levels. During the initial play through, you must start at the first level. Each level consists of Snail Bob moving across the screen towards the exit and you must click on different elements to allow him to safely make the journey.

For example, the first level features a wall that stops Snail Bob from moving forward. To pass this obstacle, you need to click on the floor fan once Snail Bob moves on top of it to send him flying up over the wall. The level also features a floor trap that kills Snail Bob upon contact, so you need to click on the nearby switch to move the trap out of his way. Subsequent levels introduce new obstacles, all of which are controlled by different switches that you must click to alter. You are also able to click Snail Bob to stop his motion.

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