How Do You Play the "Slam City" Game?


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Slam City isn't a game in itself. Rather, it's a WWE website for kids that allows them to play games, such as “Superstar Switcher” and “Launcher.” The Slam City website also offers other entertainment options, such as exclusive videos and printable posters.

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The “Launcher” game starts off with a short comic explaining the story behind the game. The goal is to help the superstar get to his job at the Greasy Lube on time. To do this, players need to launch the in-game character into the air and control his distance using a jet pack.

Players use the computer mouse to control “Launcher.” The first step is to click and hold the left mouse button while pulling back and directing the direction of the superstar. Once players are happy with the position, they let go of the button to send him flying.

Once in the air, clicking and holding the left mouse button turns on the jet pack. Players have a limited amount of fuel, which drains every second that they hold down the button. To get as far as possible, they have to bounce off good objects, such as birds and blimps, while avoiding bad objects, such as helicopters, planes and hot dog carts on the street. When the superstar lands, the players receive a score based on the distance traveled.

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