How Do You Play Skeleton Hangman?

How Do You Play Skeleton Hangman?

To play "Skeleton Hangman," one player chooses a word and writes a blank space for each letter. The other players guess letters, but each incorrect guess leads to one body part hung from the noose. If the entire skeleton body hangs from the noose, the guessing players lose.

Players have the option of drawing the skeleton or getting a "Skeleton Hangman" game kit that has skeleton pieces. Skeleton body parts include a head, a torso, arms and legs, although the number of parts varies depending on the players.

An online Hangman game with a skeleton, called "Halloween Hangman," is available on, as of 2015. To find the game, visit the homepage and place the cursor over Samples. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Online Games. Select "Halloween Hangman" to play the game.

Click on a letter to guess it. If the letter is correct, it fills in any blank spaces that should contain that letter. If it's incorrect, a body part appears hanging from the noose. The skeleton's body parts move, and he talks while players guess.

Players score points for guessing letters correctly and solving puzzles. After solving a puzzle, click the screen to move on to the next one. If a puzzle is not solved within six guesses, the skeleton's body falls through a hole in the floor.