How Do You Play the "Skate 3" Game?

Skate 3 is a video game hosted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, that uses the controllers analog sticks to control the players foot movements and tricks. The game is played using either a single-player or co-op, in which players must complete in game goals to progress through each level and eventually beat the game.

Choose the single-player campaign at the beginning of the start screen. Use the following instructions to play Skate 3.

  1. Create a skater
  2. Use the on-screen options to fully customize a skater, which will act as the avatar throughout the game.

  3. Complete the tutorial
  4. Complete the tutorial, which is a small part in the game that explains all the basic controls, and then proceed on to the first mission.

  5. Build a brand
  6. The goal of Skate 3 is to build a successful skateboarding brand. After passing the tutorial, complete the required achievements throughout the single-player campaign. Each completed achievement adds to the in game board sales.

  7. Beat the game
  8. Reach 1,000,000 board sales to beat the game. However, there are still more achievements to gain, which will unlock additional content. The additional content includes character skins, boards, tricks and secret videos.

Co-op features are accessible at any time and include games made specifically for multiplayer. However, most gamers choose to play co-op after familiarizing themselves with the single-player campaign.