How Do You Play Six-Handed Euchre?


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The main changes from traditional Euchre to six-handed Euchre are that players play in teams of three instead of two, sevens and eights are added to the deck, and the scoring of a successful "go alone" hand is five points instead of four.

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How Do You Play Six-Handed Euchre?
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Traditional Euchre rules are designed for a four-person game, with two teams of two. In a six-person game, the teams are expanded to two teams of three. There are two ways to modify the deck for a six-person game. In a traditional game, the deck is made up of the ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine cards, for a deck of 24 cards. In any six-person variant, the deck is expanded to include the seven and eight cards. Another variation also includes the jokers as the highest and second-highest trump cards.

Five cards are dealt in four- and six-person variations. Trump is determined by bidding in the same manner for six- and four-person games. The play proceeds in the same manner as in a four-person game. The scoring is the same in both versions, except for a successful "go-alone"' hand, which scores five points in a six-person game rather than four points in a four-person game.

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