How Do You Play a Single Solitaire Game?


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In order to play solitaire you need a 52 card deck without the jokers. In order to win the game, stack all cards of the same suit on top of one another from ace to king.

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How Do You Play a Single Solitaire Game?
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To start the game, shuffle the deck of cards and then form seven tableau piles. Each of these piles has a total number of cards that corresponds to its tableau number. For example, the first tableau pile has one card, the second tableau pile has two cards, and so on. All of the cards in these piles remain face-down except the top card which is face-up. The remaining cards form the deck.

The area where you stack the cards from ace to king is called the foundation. If you have any face-up cards in the piles that are aces, place them in the foundation. If you remove a face-up card from one of the piles you can then flip the face-down card that was underneath it face-up. Then you can arrange cards in the tableau piles on top of one another in decreasing chronological order, however, the cards must also be of different colors. For example, you can put a black five on a red six and a red four on a black five.

If there are no other moves to make using the tableau piles, you can sort through the deck to look for a card to place on one of the piles or in the foundation.

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