How Do You Play Simple Tetris?


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Play simple Tetris by moving shapes, called Tetriminos, across a 10-by-20 grid, called the matrix, until all the lines that the shapes have created are cleared. To clear a line, fill every square in that line with Tetrimino pieces. Although simple Tetris never involves more than one Tetrimino falling at a time, the Tetriminos fall faster and faster as the game progresses in order to increase the difficulty.

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The Tetriminos always fall from the top of the matrix to the bottom. Tetriminos come in seven different varieties that range from a straight line to L-shaped and T-shaped objects. Simple Tetris usually utilizes four arrow keys that the player can use to move a shape left to right as it falls, rotate a falling shape or force a shape to fall faster. There is typically another button that lets the player perform what is called a "hard drop," which brings the Tetrimino all the way to the bottom instantaneously.

The player receives points for every cleared line. Clearing multiple lines at the same time awards the player bonus points. Simple Tetris often has a hold queue that is empty at the start of the game. The player can put one Tetrimino in the queue and come back to it later. This is a useful tool for when the player does not know what to do with a particular Tetrimino and would rather work with a different shape for the time being.

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