How Do You Play Shuffleboard?

play-shuffleboard Credit: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

In the game of shuffleboard, the goal is to slide weights to the opposite end of the table, getting as close to the edge as possible without falling off. A shuffleboard table and weights are needed to play.

  1. Establish teams and sides

    Each team should have one or two people, depending on if you're playing singles or doubles. Flipping a coin is the most common way to choose the first player. The team to go second has the advantage. In a doubles game, each side has a member from each team. A singles game has both players on the same side.

  2. Take turns sliding weights

    Each side takes turns sliding all of their individually marked weights to the other end of the table. The goal is to reach the far edge without the weight falling off the table. In order to score, a weight must cross the foul line. Players may use their weights to knock the other team's weights off the board, or they can bump their own weights closer to the edge.

  3. Calculate the score

    After all weights are on the opposite side of the table, calculate the score. The team with the closest weight to the edge wins the round, and all of their weights are scored. There are designated areas worth one to three points each. If the weight hangs over the edge of the table, it is worth four points. Total the score of the winning team and write it down. Two player games last until 11 total points are reached, and four player games last until 21 points are reached. The losing team's weights are not counted, regardless of where they are on the table. The winning team of a round plays first in the next round.